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私たちは人に有益な成分を持つ木材をCURE WOODと名付けました。

精神を安定させたり睡眠の質を改善する成分を持つCURE WOODは寝室や居室、作業スペースに。抗菌成分を多く持つものは、キッチンや収納内部構造材として使います。これら研究の成果を、他企業と協働して実践しているのが Cure Furnishingです。詳しくは、専用サイトをご覧ください。

ゆくゆくはVOCを吸着、分解できる木材を見つけることで、CURE WOODを使って室内の空気をコントロール。使用目的に合わせた木材微細放散成分量の目安を作り、空間設計における木材使用の新たな指針を作りたいと考えています。


Why is it so pleasant to take a walk in the forest? Negative ion? . We would answer: It is because the extractives that wood release wrap us. Properly controlled natural dried woods retain their substances . And these are gradually releasing. Some of them have beneficial substances to humans, and we believe that by using them in places where match the characteristics of those extractives, human life can be made more natural and comfortable.

We named wood that has beneficial substances for humans as CURE WOOD.

CURE WOOD has substances that stabilize the mind and improve the quality of sleep in bedrooms, living rooms and work spaces. Those with a lot of antibacterial substances are used as kitchen and storage internal structural materials. Cure Furnishing is the practice of these research results in collaboration with other companies. For more information, please browse the Cure furnishing website.

Eventually, by finding wood that can adsorb and decompose VOCs, we would be able to control the indoor air using CURE WOOD. We would like to create a guideline for the amount of wood extractives according to the purpose of use, and create new guidelines for the use of wood in space design.

We are also looking forward to its use in medical spaces and the conservation of art.

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