【SUCCESS!! Thank you everyone.】 It is in the challenge to crowdfunding in the current academist. We would like to use wood to create a comfortable space for human.・学術系クラウドファンディング アカデミストで挑戦・木材を活用し、人にとって快適な空間をつくりたい・産学連携プロジェクト

  • 2020年11月18日
  • 2021年1月16日
  • Project
クラウドファンディング academist チャレンジ キュアウッドラボ マキノウッドワークス

We would like to improve human life with trees. There are many people who work with trees, but no one has a clear answer as to why trees are good. Focusing on the fine extractives of wood (the component that wood naturally emits), we are trying to find new evaluation and utilization of wood by scientifically verifying the concentration of that component that affects humans. And We decided to take on the challenge of crowdfunding in order to make this initiative widely known and to receive support. Human has been using wood for 10,000 years, but it is possible to reconsider its value because of the modern age of this science. Is it possible to control the indoor air quality with the components of wood and create a comfortable space for people, as I expected? This project is the first step towards that. Thank you for your support.

-  Highly recommended for -People who are not satisfied with sleepPeople who are suffering from hay feverPeople who are interested in new wood utilization such as medical care and art conservationPeople who like wood



 -こんな方におすすめ -







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