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  • 2020年7月5日
  • 2020年11月18日
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Cure Furnishing that utilizes organic ingredients that are beneficial to those who naturally release wood. Cure Wood Lab. is the department that conducts the basic research. From the Princess Pine analyzed last year, we detected ingredients that improve the quality of sleep in humans. It has been found that bringing this wood into the bedroom can improve sleep quality. Research costs are needed to advance this further analysis and the utilization of unexplained tree. Clinical trials that examine the effects on humans can only be conducted at universities, and the research costs are very difficult to raise individually. Therefore, Cure Wood Lab is looking for investment in research expenses.

The component of a tree that cannot move is an antibody that protects itself, and is an organic component peculiar to the wood. Some of them are used as ingredients for Chinese herbs, but there are still many unknown woods. In the first place, it is known that there are 10 times as many types of wood in Japan as in Europe. There may be ingredients in it that are not yet known.

First, we will analyze the components emitted by wood, combine the results with various basic researches, and explore ways to utilize known components by using wood. Eventually, We would like to search for unknown components from wood and use them for new basic research and utilization.

Various harmful chemical substances are overflowing in the room. Even if each of the small amounts that meet the standards is collected in the house, it will be a large amount if it is accumulated in the unit of the house. Now that it is said that one of two children have allergies, the air in the house is in a state of danger at a minute level. We think that children with weak immunity are still teaching this. We think that there may be wood that has components that adsorb and decompose VOCs (volatile chemical substances) that have an adverse effect on humans.

Currently, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare indicates indoor air quality (IAQ) as a standard value only for negative factors that adversely affect people. There are no positive factors. I would like to add wood-emitted extractives here as a positive factor.

Please support this new use of wood.







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